Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Drawing Academy: Time Traveling

Agostino Carracci, The Drawing Academy, c. 1500s

When we step into the vital activity of drawing we are stepping into a conversation with all those who have come before us and who have faced the same obstacles we do when we draw. I found an image of a drawing studio when flipping through a book of Pierre-Paul Prud-hon’s drawings at the library yesterday. The image inspired me to find similar images and create this post. Although the costumes and interiors in each image are different than we might find today the people and the activity remains the same.

Left: Michel-Ange Houasse, 1715 / Right: Giampietro Zanotti, 1739

Left: Tiepolo, Piazzetta's Academy, c.1700s / Right: C.W. Cope, c.1800s


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