Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Inside & Outside: Anatomical Forces in Figure Drawing

To know how to draw the figure on the outside we must also know how to draw the figure on the inside. As artists we need not delve into the complete complexity of the human figure as would a student of medicine (unless you feel so inclined) but we should know how to draw an accurate skeleton in various poses from memory and add to that the major muscle masses. The following is a loose selection of images related to this knowledge.

Above: Bernhard Siegfried Albinus / 1749


Above: Various Anatomical Images

 Goya / Y Aun No Se Van! / Preparatory Drawing and Etching

 Above left & center: John Bageris | Above right: Loyd Lillie

Above left: Hyman Bloom | Above right: Jacob de Gheyn II

Above left: Picasso | Above right: Gericault

Above left: Leonardo da Vinci | Above Right: Goya

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