Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Process: Intercross & Restricted Value Still-Life

The following is a step-by-step sequence of images taken from a 45 minute intercross and value shape life-drawing demo. A photo of the original still life is included below for comparison. 

01) Intercross (highest point, lowest point, furthest left and right points) establish the basics of the largest area of focus in the drawing (bear's head is top point).

02) The largest object in the still life (the model stand) is established by adding 3 more points.

03) Medium-sized objects are established next (big to small) via intercross and reference to points of model stand.

04) Straight-line inspection helps clarify organic, medium sized objects (bear & skeleton)

05) Detailed straight-line inspection of bear and knocking back any intercross marks interfering with clarity of form.

06) Detailed straight-line inspection of skeleton and chair. More cleaning up of intercross.

07) Four-tone restricted value begins. One large light midtone is established to separate page tone from all darker values.

08) Into this large lighter midtone value shape the darker midtone shapes are established (big to small).

09) Finally the darkest value shapes are added into the darker midtone shapes found in the previous step..

Final comparison of drawing and actual photo of still life. I feel good about the bear, skeleton and general angles of the model stand but the width of the stand needs to be adjusted to be a bit wider. Alas, I ran out of time.


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